Joia Jefferson Nuri’s precision as an event planner comes from years as a producer in Washington's newsrooms. Her eye for detail under the greatest pressure is a product of long hours at NBC, CBS, the NPR affiliate in Washington and C-SPAN. She is a skilled strategist who can take a simple idea and craft a spectacular event that is not only lovely to look at but perfectly executed. Her career has afforded the opportunity to work around the world with notable personalities including Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover.

She has served as the event planner and communications strategist for Washington’s public policy organizations, leading museum systems, international film festivals and media outlets. In addition to event planning, In The Public Eye also serves as public policy communications strategists for the Calvert Foundation, Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture and Harry Belafonte Enterprises. For more information: In The Public Eye Communications


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“I have worked with Joia Nuri and In The Public Eye on several occasions. Her keen eye for details enhances the elegance of every event. We worked together creating a private dinner honoring Harry Belafonte and an afternoon celebration at Nina Totenberg’s home. From the selection of flowers and music to her input on the menu, Joia creates stellar events.”

Stephen Mumuni Owner,
Tropical Fusions Caterers

“Joia did an amazing, fabulous, colorful, exotic and delicious party to celebrate my daughter's wedding! There were stations set up all over - each more delicious than the next! Her ideas were exuberant and unique! I am re-living the pleasure of it, as I write this!”

Lorraine Rose
Mother of the Bride

“We trusted Joia and her company with more than 12 hours of live programming on more than one occasion. She pulled off every element of the production. She was always on the ball. With her help we hosted Rev. Jesse Jackson, Members of Congress, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Jessica Lange and so many others. She is bold. She is brave and a real joy to work with.”

Ron Pinchback

Former, General Manager