In The Public Eye served as event planners for the Inaugural Peace Balls in 2009 and 2013 both following the election of President Barack Obama. Serving our client Andy Shallal, owner of the restaurant group, Busboys and Poets, our role was to create galas that saluted the international peace and justice movements. In 2009 Harry Belafonte served as the Honorary Host at the Smithsonian’s Postal Museum. The magnificence of historical postal planes hanging from ceiling and a collection of postal trucks in the foyer made for an incredible back drop for the 2,100 revelers. ITPE managed the $250,000 budget, production of a 14 page program, ticket sales, website construction, registration of all 2,100 guests, erection of stages and jumbo screens. There were several star-studded acts which included Joan Baez, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Dick Gregory, Angelique Kidjo and Fertile Ground. In 2013 ITPE was invited back to plan a similar event, this time at the historic Arena Stage at Mead Center in Washington. 2500 guests joined the celebration and enjoyed performances by Sweet Honey In The Rock, Mos Def, and along with legendary poets Rita Dove and Sonya Sanchez.


ITPE has a rich relationship with the Smithsonian Institution. ITPE was the event planner of the 40th Anniversary of the Anacostia Museum. The Smithsonian's only community museum, the Anacostia Museum has the responsibility of bringing art and history to a Washington DC community that is east of the Anacostia river and away from the heart of the city. ITPE joined forces with the Anacostia's staff and created a black-tie evening that included African drummers and dancers, a jazz quartet, a Motown dance band for the after-party and private tours of the behind the scenes mechanisms of the museum for the VIP's. The spectacular goodie bag ITPE assembled was a hand-crafted quilted satchel from South Africa filled with pieces of jewelry from Swarovski and chocolate from Godiva.


At TransAfrica ITPE was able to expand the definition of communications strategy to include public policy development, media and special events. We crafted galas, luncheons, and press conferences covered by C-SPAN, Associated Press, NPR other major media. We orchestrated the arrest of Danny Glover and other political leaders by the Secret Service in front of the Sudanese embassy before the world press in order to call attention to the genocide in Darfur. In addition, were the event planners for private dinners attended by the media, Capitol Hill staffers and leaders from around the globe. In addition, ITPE created a radio show for the organization to reach a larger audience with their message. 'AFRICA NOW!' broadcasts in the nation's Capitol where the policy makers live and work. Joia also secured a syndicated column for the organization that appears weekly in more than 100 newspapers across the US.


ITPE helped the South African Embassy, Harry Belafonte and TransAfrica’s Board Chair Danny Glover celebrate the 25th anniversary of the beginning of anti-Apartheid protests in Washington. In celebration of the Free South Africa Movement, the South African Ambassador welcomed the former protesters and hosted a day of educational programs which included a presentation by the Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, Ambassador Johnny Carson and an evening gala reception. All of the events, including the media strategy, were planned and executed by ITPE.


ITPE served as event planners for the launch of writer and lecturer Mozella Ademiluyi’s first book of poetry. Love Is A Mountain is a collection of works that encourages the reader to explore their inner life. With the freedom encouraged by the poetry, ITPE selected an art store as the venue and scattered the seating through the room. The live program, produced by Ms. Ademiluyi, was crafted to place some of the poetry readers within the audience making the space a part of the production.


ITPE co-hosted a celebration of one of Washington's most respected clothier, Harriett Kassman, retired after more than 60 years in the retail business. Mrs. Kassman dressed the nation's most famous and influential women in business, politics, television and the arts. Her high-end Chevy Chase specialty store adorned some of the countries most glamorous brides. She was an institution in Washington, D.C. ITPE's Joia Jefferson Nuri along with National Public Radio Supreme Court correspondent, Nina Totenberg, hosted a salute to Harriet Kassman on Sunday, September 20, 2010. ITPE provided all the event planning services for the private afternoon event. ITPE coordinated the selection of catering services, floral arrangements, invitation paper selection and the creation of an exquisite commemorative program. The celebration was filled with fine food from Tropical Fusion Catering, wine especially selected for the event and a guest list of Harriet Kassman's most loyal customers and dearest friends.

Day of Wedding Coordination

For the bride and groom who have elected to forgo a professional wedding planner, the big question becomes, “Who will make sure every detail of their magical day is performed with precision?” ITPE Events works closely with each couple to assure every detail unfolds in a timely and seamless manner. We provide day of event coordination for weddings big and small. We worked our magic for Andrea Katish and Brian Mathis and their 200 guests at the historic Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown with the reception at the Hay Adams Hotel. Our staff assured every element of their vision was executed to perfection from the bridal processional at the church to her nervous father’s eloquent toast at the reception. At the close of the evening Andrea proclaimed to ITPE, “My wedding could not have been more perfect. Thank you.” In the garden behind his family home Thomas Wilson was married before 50 close friends and relatives. ITPE provided a timeline for him and his bride that structured the day from 6:00am to the last dance. We assisted with the decoration of the outdoor wedding site and worked with the caterer to guarantee ease of service. Thomas’s mother said, “I have never been to a wedding where every element happened on time. It was so nice to sit back and watch the beautiful afternoon unfold.” In 2013 we are scheduled to assist brides and grooms make that special day just right. We are here to assure a unique wedding vision is realized.


Pacifica Radio Network is the voice of peace and activism. In its 60 year history, it has been the voice of mass protest against war and racism. ITPE has produced the network's coverage of mass protest rallies in Washington, D.C. ITPE's team manages the technical needs of a live broadcast in the midst of Washington's greatest monuments from the ISND lines, phone lines, and microphones. We provide the broadcast support team from technicians to producers to production assistants. In addition, ITPE writes the scripts and books the interviews. We wade into the middle of thousands of protesters and hundreds of media professionals to secure the most famous guests for our client. To date we have scored interviews with Jane Fonda, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton, and numerous members of Congress.


“I have worked with Joia Nuri and In The Public Eye on several occasions. Her keen eye for details enhances the elegance of every event. We worked together creating a private dinner honoring Harry Belafonte and an afternoon celebration at Nina Totenberg’s home. From the selection of flowers and music to her input on the menu, Joia creates stellar events.”

Stephen Mumuni Owner,
Tropical Fusions Caterers

“Joia did an amazing, fabulous, colorful, exotic and delicious party to celebrate my daughter's wedding! There were stations set up all over - each more delicious than the next! Her ideas were exuberant and unique! I am re-living the pleasure of it, as I write this!”

Lorraine Rose
Mother of the Bride

“We trusted Joia and her company with more than 12 hours of live programming on more than one occasion. She pulled off every element of the production. She was always on the ball. With her help we hosted Rev. Jesse Jackson, Members of Congress, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Jessica Lange and so many others. She is bold. She is brave and a real joy to work with.”

Ron Pinchback

Former, General Manager